Review time *joy and joe baby wrap*

So today we decided to try a day out pushchair free with a 7 month old ! armed with just a changing bag and our joy and joe baby wrap we headed to the train station.

Once on the train I realised I probably should have put the wrap on before I got on the train. However it was relatively easy to put on (after only a week of practice) on a train seat, i was worried before buying the wrap about the level of difficulty of wrapping however it is so simple i really wish i hadn’t been put off before. We then popped bubbles in the wrap and she was soon napping. She looks so cute napping in her wrap.

The train and the incredibly busy and confusing new street station was a dream with the sling, no more struggling from the train to the platform with a pushchair, no more frantically looking for a lift and no more screaming baby, here I loved my wrap!

Once out of the train station we walked to the sealife centre around a 15 minute walk at no point did I feel any strain on my back or anywhere. Once in the sealife centre the wrap was a dream we could fully interact with little bubbles and she could see ever attraction with ease, it was also so much easier to get around with a stroller in the smallish alleyways of the sealife’s attractions.

We headed back to the bullring and again found being stroller free really easy and we received loads of comments about how happy bubbles looked and how cute all her strawberries were. Overall I would recommend my joy and joe wrap 100% it’s stylish, comfy, bubbles loves it!, and our pushchair free day was enjoyable and hassle free!

I love how it folds in its own pocket, so no need for a second bag that can be lost.
My smallish 7 month old is perfectly comfy being carried for long period in the wrap and I’m happy carrying her.
It’s stylish and everyone comments on how cute bubbles looks!

Any faults? This is hard!
I guess it’s difficult to fold in its bag but doable and I’m not that great at folding so it might just be me.
It’s not very daddy trendy but this is just my design (which I love) and joy and joe do many designs and plain stretch wraps.
Not really a fault but now I want to go full hog and try a woven wrap :0

Here’s so photos of our wrap and our day, hope you’ve enjoyed

This is an independent review and the wrap was purchased by myself at









Bad habit (no more cuddling to sleep)

I used to say my baby is amazing at night, she sleeps through, she’s slept through since 6 weeks well no more 7 months in and we’ve just started having sleepless nights :0

Why ?
I don’t know
too hot it’s getting warmer now something she’s yet to see in her 7 months
too cold I’m not dressing her as warm as usual
because she’s in her own room she slept well the first night
whatever it is I don’t know and I don’t like it !

So tonight I’ve tried putting bubbles down to bed awake something we used to do but kinda phased out because mummy wanted cuddles ooops . It’s taken 30 mins so not too long and she’s asleep I’ll inform you tomorrow if she stays that way!